Frey AP-600 Automated Perimeter is a compact fully featured visual field analyzer that is simple to set up and use. Brilliant design combined with intuitive proprietary software offers expanded testing options to optimize your patient management with new TIA™ Standard, Fast and Superfast tests*.

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Introducing TIA™ Superfast

Modern and innovative platform provides clinicians with a full suite of bespoke visual field testing strategies and protocols which improves practice workflow and enhances patient comfort while reducing clinic waiting times.

Patient audio guide

Intuitive and easy to follow automated verbal instructions and commands are available at the preparation stage and during testing. Clinicians can option automated verbal instructions or chose to guide the patient personally.

Easy to setup

World class design, clinician and patient interface. Unparalleled ergonomic clinician interface delivers a faster and easier visual field testing experience than ever before!

Near Vision Test

Refractive blur produces depression of the hill of vision. With embedded Near Vision Test clinicians can automatically verify patient’s refractive correction.

17” HD Capacitive Touch Screen

Versatility and control at the hands of the clinician in selecting patient’s name, editing patient data, commence testing and reviewing examination results with highly responsive 17” touch screen.

Position sensor

Forehead sensors continuously confirms optimal patient positioning. Clinicians are immediately notified of unexpected patient movement allowing the clinician to rapidly respond and reposition patient.

Optimized clinician workflow

Frey has successfully created an unparalleled level of integration between the AP-600 hardware and software, resulting in streamlined, highly optimized user interface to improve clinician workflow. 

Compact design

Slim silhouette saves space. Engineered to perfection. Compact design is the flagship feature of the AP-600 Automated Perimeter.

Device type
AP-600 Automated Perimeter
Maximum temporal range (degrees)
Stimulus duration
200 ms/ 500 ms or 0.1-9.9s
Visual field testing distance
30 cm
Background illumination
31.5 ASB White/ 10 ASB White/ 31.5 ASB Yellow
Stimulus size
Goldmann I II III IV V
Stimulus color
White/ Green/ Red/ Blue
Stimulus presentations
White-on-White/ Red-on-White/ Green-on-White / Blue-on-White/ Blue-on-Yellow (SWAP)

Test Strategies - Threshold

TIA-Superfast, TIA-Fast, TIA-Standard, TIA-SWAP, Full Threshold, Fast Threshold, Foveal Threshold

Test Strategies - Suprathreshold

Two Zone, Three Zone, Quantify Defect

Test Modes

Age Corrected, Threshold Related, Single Intensity

Test Fields - Threshold

Central 24-2, Central 24-2C, Central 10-2, Central 30-2,
Peripheral 60-4, Macula, Nasal Step

Test Fields - Suprathreshold

Central 40 Point, Central 64 Point, Central 76 Point, Central 80 Point,
Armaly Central, Nasal step, Peripheral 60 Point, Full Field 81 Point, Full Field 120 Point, Full Field 135 Point, Full Field 246 Point, Armaly Full Field, Superior 36 Point, Superior 64 Point, Esterman Monocular, Esterman Binocular, Gandolfo

Fixation Control
    • Heijl-Krakau blind spot monitor
    • Video camera eye preview
    • Digital Eye Tracking (DETect)
    • Head Tracking
    • Vertex monitoring
Software features
    • Foveal threshold testing
    • EyeSnap function
    • Automatic pupil measurement
    • Near Vision Test
    • Single Field Analysis (SFA)
    • Custom static test patterns
    • Glaucoma Hemifield Test (GHT)
    • Auto kinetic
    • Field of View Index (FVI)
    • Custom kinetic test patterns
    • Serial field overview
    • Manual kinetic
    • DICOM Export
    • Remote Diagnostics and Software Loading
      DICOM OPV (Ophthalmic Visual Field) User defined results storage location
    • DICOM Worklist
    • Modality Progression Analysis


17” HD Capacitive Touch Screen diagonal
Keyboard/ Mouse support
LAN and Wireless
Automated - up, down, left, right movement
633 mm
566 mm
396 mm
25 kg

Advanced Eye Tracking

  • With each stimulus presentation eye image is captured and presented above progress bar
  • Operator can scroll back fixation history during examination of the patient
  • Eye image is stored, and entire examination process can be reviewed during examination or later to verify patient fixation throughout entire test
  • Algorithm verifies patient fixation during the test and presents the information on progress bar


  • With single tap on one of test point operator can display location test history for each stimuli intensity used with
    •  information about fixation status
    • patient response/lack of response to stimuli​​
  • Eye snapshots are colour coded to inform operator about patient fixation for particular stimuli presentation

Dual colour scheme UI​

  • Operator may select between “day” and “night” colour schemes
  • Display brightness in both modes can be adjusted using brightness icon of the system function bar

Standard and Simple UI configuration

  • In Standard configuration operator may freely modify test parameters
  • In Simple configuration operator may select only tests with predefined parameters, maximum 9 tests can be configured

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