FREY Visual Field Analyzer AP-250
AP-250/ AP-250BY
FREY AP-50 VISUAL FIELD ANALYZER static automated perimeter ideal for glaucoma diagnosis and specific requirements of occupational medicine and busy mobile clinicians.


FREY Perimeter

Frey Perimeter product range covers entire spectrum of visual field test technologies, from complete testing and data analyzing system AP-300 to small size and lightweight glaucoma screening AP-50 device. Frey perimeter software is feature rich and designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Accurate results

The high density concentric points stimulator bowl and the enhanced stimulus control combined with the automatic eye tracking fixation method, provide accurate examination of field loss.

Improved patient comfort

Patient comfort can influence the reliability of the exams. The design of the stimulator unit augments ventilation, chinrest assures stable and comfortable patient head support during entire examination.

Multiple test capabilities

Frey Perimeters have a wide range of tests available to suit every need - Glaucoma, Full Field, Peripheral, Macula, Wide Field, Flicker, Binocular Single Vision, Driving Test and others.

Rapid testing times

Several techniques are available to reduce examination time, including Screening and Fast Threshold strategies, and enhanced fixation methods. For patients with large field losses, the use of pattern calibration and neurological test methods is available.

User friendly software

Frey Perimeter software was designed to be intuitive and simple to use, even for operators with limited computer skills. The interactive menus provide comprehensive information and efficient operation, reducing the time spent preparing, reviewing and printing patient exams. The software is designed to be easily operated with a touch screen.

Complete analysis modes

World population statistics. Enhanced 3D function for all shaded maps. Age-normal, HoV, Level, ABS and normalized display. Differential map. Standard automated perimetry analysis.


Frey Perimeter software is designed to seamlessly integrate with computer networks. Multiple perimeters may share one examination database. For result printing and centralized data storage network printers and network data servers can be used. Automated backup function assures safety of patient data. Service access and Wi-Fi connectivity any time anywhere for Frey technical support.

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