FREY digital slit lamps provide par excellence clinician experience by embracing the latest in diagnostics combined with superb engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Images and videos are now conveniently accessed without the need to acquire and install additional peripherals EYEMAGER - dedicated software application, can send, clinical results directly to any networked device - smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer, safely and securely, anytime, anywhere FREY devices are designed to enable clinician workflow to be more effective and efficient across multiple workplaces. FREY digital slit lamps deliver an optimized experience that is outstanding.

Optimize clinical space. Improve workflow.

FREY slit lamps are elegantly designed for digital imaging and visualization and provide an amazing user experience in comfort. Intelligent design control functions and components are fully integrated, with cabling subtly concealed inside the slit lamp body. Capture high resolution images and videos without external PC and monitor. FREY precision LED digital slit lamps exhibit a small footprint which optimizes clinical space, and users can improve workflow more effectively and efficiently. A world class fully optioned digital slit lamp with cutting edge design and innovation designed for the modern thinking eye care professional!

Digital slit lamps are essential for ophthalmic practice.
Conventional Digital Slit Lamp System
Save the workspace with FREY tools for ophthalmologists.
Space-saving FREY Digital Slit lamp system

Stunning optical quality. Visualize and diagnose more.

Corneal endothelium consists of a single layer of tiny hexagonal cells. Slit lamps are diagnostic instrument widely used by ophthalmologists and optometrists to observe anterior and posterior segments. Specular reflection illumination technic is used to observe cornea posterior surface (endothelium). Stunning optical quality of FREY digital slit lamps feature advanced high-sensitivity and high-resolution camera sensors to deliver superb image quality, capturing the finest of detail and visualization of individual endothelium cells.

Endothelial cells captured with FREY Digital Slit Lamp
Endothelial cells captured with FREY Digital Slit Lamp (click to enlarge photo).

Bring hidden details to (infrared) light.

A leading cause of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) affects the essential oil layer of the eye’s tear film, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. For optimal treatment MGD must be clinically observed and diagnosed with certainty and clarity, allowing eye care professionals to prescribe the most appropriate treatment. A diagnostic method of MGD is examination
with a digital slit lamp equipped with infrared light (IR light source). Infrared light is not visible to human eyes. To observe the image, IR sensitive camera and a display is clinically essential. FREY digital slit lamps are equipped with optional IR illumination source to visualize MGD with superb clarity, without causing patient discomfort. FREY hi-res IR sensitive camera quickly acquires grey scale images of meibomian gland structures for early diagnose of MGD.
Meibomian Glands captured with FREY Digital Slit Lamp.

Proprietary software. EYEMAGER.​

Eyemager™ from FREY is proprietary software application designed exclusively for FREY digital slit lamps. Eyemager™ improves workflow and potentially reduces costs for eye care professionals’ clinics. A unique Eyemager™ feature enables clinicians to display and share patient images as well as live video during a clinical examination. Anytime, anywhere. Eye care professionals can use the Eyemager™ application on numerous devices:


Apple iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Apple macOS computers,
PC running Microsoft Windows.


Eyemager™ features include:

  • Manage patient records (Add/Edit/Delete).
  • Review examination results.
  • Build examination reports (.pdf and DICOM formats) for printing
    and EMR integration.
  • Export data to external applications and social media platforms
    (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and others).
Digital slit lamps are essential for ophthalmic practice. Detailed images support the reliable diagnosis. FREY tools for ophthalmologists.

Introduce telemedicine to your clinical workflow with Eyemager software platform.

Increase revenue, improve productively and efficiency. Achievable clinical and commercial objectives to all eye-care clinics – from small single room practices to health care enterprises with multiple users and cloud data exchange requirements. Digitalisation has transformed every workplace globally. Ubiquitous technological advancements are now available to the ophthalmic and optometric profession. The benefits of telemedicine are evident whether working from home, transiting from home to clinic, clinic to clinic or working from multiple locations. FREY Eyemager – a world leading modular software platform that delivers numerous clinical and workflow benefits.

Cost-effective: compact and intelligent design. Integrated hardware and software does not require additional and expensive peripherals. Enjoy access to patient records anytime, anywhere 24/7/365.

Securely share examinations with professional colleagues simultaneously. Live stream and share images and video with multiple users across multiple and remote locations. Examination results are immediately available for review and to share with peers. Enabling technology to fast-track diagnosis, triage and plan medical treatment effectively and efficiently.

Broaden educational reach across clinics, hospital personnel, clinicians, and teaching institutions. Observe, collaborate and teach during live or stored images and videos, safely and securely.

Broad compatibility and interoperability. Standardized vendor neutral. Eyemager operates across Windows, MacOS and iOS, on tablets, smartphones or computers, anytime, anywhere.

Digital slit lamps are essential for ophthalmic practice. Detailed images support the reliable diagnosis. FREY tools for ophthalmologists.

About FREY

Frey S.J., branded as FREY, is a Polish manufacturer of innovative ophthalmic and optometric diagnostic devices. Founded in Warsaw, Poland, 2005 by brothers Wojciech and Jacek Frey, both leading electronic engineers.

FREY strategic focus is to design cutting edge, high performing diagnostics devices in a modern and compact package, providing highly accurate diagnostics and device reliability, durability, and be accessible to eye care professionals worldwide.

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