Non-Contact Tonometer with Pachymetry


FREY TNP-200 encompasses seamless and compact integration of non-contact tonometer and pachymeter. TNP-200 measures intraocular pressure (IOP) values automatically and reliably thanks to accurate results of CCT (central corneal thickness). TNP-200 delivers precise and reliable corneal thickness measurement.

  • Innovative clean air system (CLair)
  • Auto Pressure Adjustment (APA)
  • Auto CCT measurement for IOP correction
  • Auto-adjusting & auto mode
  • Soft air puff
  • LAN/ Wi-Fi connection & printer


Unique clean air system

CLair, an innovative air puff system that keeps air path clean. As nothing can get inside the device, probability of disease transmission
between patients and eyes is heavily reduced.

Fully automated CCT measurement

Pachymeter function allows clinicins to receive correct IOP results quickly and accurately. TNP-200 can be easily programmed to suit the clinician preferences. Choose between two correction methods: Dresdner and Elsheikh.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment

Automatic Pressure Adjustment (APA) system is an intelligent air power matching solution
that minimizes patient’s discomfort and fits the examinationto his individual needs.

Image preview

TNP-200 image preview of pachymetry results are quickly accessible during the examination.

LAN/ Wi-Fi

Connect to a local network via LAN or Wi-Fi for easy export and import of exams results.

Large LCD display

East to use, intuitive operation of FREY TonoPachymeter features a 7” color LCD capacitive touch screen. User interface software is optimized for each function, clearly displaying all measurement data guiding the User through the measurement process from the alignment of the eye, to the display of the readings. TNP-200 menus and device options are easily accessed and simple to navigate.

Electrically driven measurement head and chinrest

Electrically driven chinrest allows easy adjustment of patient position and assures stable position during IOP measurement. Wide range of measurement head movement allows measurement both eyes without need to change patient position.

Precise manual control

For manual operation, joystick allows User to manually control position of measurement head, with push button conveniently located on top of the joystick to release air puff.

Measurement range
0 - 60 mmHg (0 - 80hPa), 300-1300 μm
Measurement resolution
1 mmHg, 1 μm
Height: 460 mm Width: 300 mm Depth: 480 mm
Built-in, thermal Print width 57 mm Printing papier role diameter 35 mm
Size: 7″ (165 x 104mm) Color TFT LCD with capacitive touch screen Resolution: 800 x 480
Storage devices
Internal flash
Database capacity
Up to 3500 patients x 100 exams x 3 measurements (for each eye) Data format: XML
Electrically regulated (up/ down)
Chin rest travel distance
69 mm (up/ down)
Measurement head travel distance
85 mm (X axis) 40 mm (Y axis) 50mm (Z axis)
Power supply unit
External, medical power supply adapter INPUT: 100-240V ~1,5A OUTPUT: 12V ⎓5A
Power consumption
Max 45VA
Wi-Fi, LAN

How Automatic Pressure Adjustment (APA) feature enhance IOP diagnostics?

FREY have equipped TNP-200 Tonopachymeter with Automatic Pressure Adjustment (APA) system, to make patients feel even more comfortable with tonopachymetry examination.

APA it is an intelligent and fully automatic system of air power matching.

The first puff of air diagnoses the pressure in the patient’s eye. Then the device analyzes collected parameters and selects the power of subsequent puffs. The next two puffs with intelligently adjusted strenght, continue the measurement.

Thanks to the Automatic Pressure Adjustment, patient’s discomfort is minimized and the examination is adjusted to his individual needs. The TNP-200 with the APA function makes the test even more accurate and reliable.

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