Eyemager™ is FREY proprietary software application designed exclusively for SLI-200 Digital Imaging System to display and share patient images and live video during clinical examination Frey LED Slit Lamps. Eyemager™ enables clinicians to display and share images and video on the following devices:

  • Apple iPad or iPhone,

  • Android phone or tablet,

  • Apple macOS computers,

  • PC running Microsoft Windows.

Frey Eyemager logo

Upgrade FREY Eyemager™ SLI-200 feature rich software on Apple Store or Google Play now.


Eyemager™ APP

Clinicians can share and store images and video from Frey LED Slit Lamps over Wi-Fi simultaneously to multiple devices: PC computers, tablets and mobile phones. Eyemager™ APP is intuitive and easy to operate. Download free Eyemager™ APP on Apple Store or Google Play now.

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

Clear, concise, responsive and well-presented aesthetic design. Frey approach is user-controlled, enabling clinicians to initiate and control navigation and functions, add patient data and conduct eye examination in an efficient manner and share images and videos across multiple devices.

Voice enabled keyboard

Fill patient data, examination description and document clinical comments using a convenient keyboard or voice activation.

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