AP-50 is a desktop model, lightweight and fully featured modern static automated perimeter ideal for glaucoma diagnosis and specific requirements of occupational medicine and busy mobile clinicians. AP-50 uses LED back projection of stimulus in white color, and offers a wide range of strategies, test fields and reach set of test parameters to assure quick and precise measurement. Control of fixation is performed automatically using the built-in camera or by controlling the position of the blind spot. Built-in data analysis include regression analysis and standardized ways of presenting and printing examination results. Perimeter AP-50 can work with any PC computer running the Windows operating system.




Elliptically shaped measurement bowl realizes significantly reduces size of the device yet diagnostic value of AP-50 is comparable to full field perimeters. Full central 30 degree of patient vision with extension to 50 degree temporally allows precise test nasal step where early glaucoma often commences early in the disease progression.

AP-50 dimensions of only 548 x 382 x 450 mm and weight only 9kg makes the device an ideal desk top clinical tool which can be easily transported, set up and installed anytime, anywhere including remote sites.

Elliptically shaped measurement bowl requires lower test room illumination conditions. Electronically controlled background illumination assures stable measurement conditions.

Standard test fields like Central 30, Central 24, Macula are 
available all allow for easy data comparison with other perimeter systems. Precise testing in nasal step dedicated glaucoma tests are included.

AP-50 fulfils specific visual field testing requirements for drivers and occupational medicine. Measurement range covers up to 160 degrees temporally, and both eyes can be tested simultaneously.

Measurement bowl type

Hemispherical 300mm radius with difusive surface

Maximum temporal range (degrees)




Stimulus duration

0.1 – 9.9s

Stimulus size


Stimulus intensity

0.03asb to 10000asb

Visual field testing distance

30 cm

Background illumination

  • White 31.5asb (10cd/m2)
  • Automatic background illumination control

Fixation control

  • Heijl-Krakau blind spot monitor
  • Eye tracking (video camera)
  • Eye previev (video camera)

Test models

  • Supra threshold age corrected: Screeing
  • Threshold: Full Threshold, Fast Threshold
  • Others:  Constant, Binocular, Bi-Driving, Targeted Perimetry,

Test field library

  • Macula, Central 10°, Central 20°, Central 30°
  • Nasal step (Glaucoma)

Correction glass diameter



Electrically driven in horizontal and vertical axis


Touch screen support


External or network printer

Additional software features

  • Fovea threshold testing
  • Automatic pupil measurment
  • User management module
  • Touch screen operation
  • DICOM export
  • Network connectivity
  • Programming interface for EMR systems
  • Data import from HFA devices
  • Auto backup


  • Height: 382 mm
  • Width: 548 mm
  • Depth: 450 mm


9 kg

Power requirements

  • Voltage 110-230VAC
  • Power 65W

User interface of Perimetry application is designed to suport efficient work with minimum time spent on switching between options. It’s ergonomy and simplicity assures short learning time for the operator. The application is ready to be operated with use of touch screen or with mouse and keyboard depending on user preferences.

To better visualize possible vision field defects user has reach set of data presentation modes available to choose from. Result maps can be displayed as:
– numeric values, pattern grade or grey scale
– absolute values in dB, as relative to hill of vision, age normal related, defect probability
– defect curve (Bebie graph)
– normalized vales

Export/Import module of Perimeter software is designed to allow the user transfer examination data between remote locations. Data may be exported in proprietary format or in compatible with EMR systems DICOM format. 
You can migrate easily examination data to AP-300 from HFA device. Import function accepts files stored in .xml and .pdf formats.

Regression analysis module allows user to track changes in field of vision in time, using easy for interpenetration graphs. Multiple examination results of the same patient can be used for the analysis.
Regression curves can be presented i absolute dB values, in relation to hill of vision or age normative values or particular global parameters like PD or AD.
Analysis of the data can be limited to particular area of vision field like periphery or center, or can cover entire tested field of vision.


For better operation efficiency quick access menu reduces number of parameters required to be entered before examination may start. User can predefined it’s test types, then operator has to select or enter patient data only. This function reduces overall test time and introduces standardization to test procedures.

For patients with large defects in the visual field or fields significantly deviating from the standard perimeter examination can be tiring due to the time of its execution. To improve the comfort of such patients and significantly reduce testing time pattern calibration can be used, the result of earlier examination of patient eye can be used as a reference for the new test.
This technic may reduces test time from a dozen to a few minutes.

AP-300 is a device that can be used in both small offices and large clinics. With built-in networking capabilities installation of the device is very easy and system expansion inexpensive. Perimeter can work with devices connected directly or network printers and servers.
Software perimeter supplied with the device can be installed on any number of computers, allowing you to organize very comfortable working medical facility.

Up to four patient examination results can be used for comparison to better visualize defect progress in time.

Automatic backup file generator frees the operator for creating copies of examination data. Autobackup function can start automatically with period and in location defined by the user. This function assures safety of patient records.