SLI-200 4K, designed and engineered by Frey, represents the pinnacle of slit lamp microscopy innovation. Crafted with precision and equipped with proprietary imaging technology, Frey SLI-200 4K offers superb optical clarity and depth of field in visualizing ocular structures, including the intricate network of capillary blood vessels.



SLI-200 4K boasts an impressive 4K resolution,
providing crystal-clear imagery with unmatched detail. Finest structures of ocular anatomy
vividly captured, allowing for precise diagnosis,
facilitating clinician decision support and planning.

Effective patient data management enable that eye care professionals to easily access previous test
results and imaging, enabling identification
of trends, track progression of eye disease, and make informed decisions whether to maintain diagnosis
or implement a new treatment regime.

In the domain of ophthalmic imaging, the ability
to capture high-resolution images of corneal
endothelial cells is a hallmark of imaging system design and quality. Frey SLI-200 4K stands at the forefront of technological advancement, offering
ophthalmic and optometric professionals
an unparalleled opportunity to visualize endothelial morphology with unprecedented clarity and detail.

Generating clear and concise reports that include images and descriptions enables efficient
navigation through the sea of complex data and
effective data handling. Relevant information
is conveyed accurately, so that eye care
professionals focus on the patient and their
clinical presentation, not on data mining.

Eyemager includes editing tools for video
materials, including cropping videos.
This functionality enables clinicians to quickly and easily analyze large volumes of images and videos, extracting clinical information and key data while conserving storage space.

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