Digital imaging enhances ophthalmic examinations with new solutions

There are two pieces of news on the horizon – one unpleasant and the other surprisingly good. The pandemic continues. It’s a difficult time for many of us. Still, the market demand for unique, smarter ophthalmic devices – tailored to the new times – continues to grow too. And this one is good news, mobilizing and encouraging to create solutions that meet ophthalmic devices market needs. 

When it comes to supporting ophthalmic professionals in their work during a pandemic – there are no compromises. That is why FREY focuses on developing a digital line of products that support seamless clinic workflow. Especially when remote solutions are needed. Digital imaging technology sewn in FREY digital slit lamps is recognized as an innovative solution for eye-care practices. The fact that the eye examination has been accelerated is crucial for both, the patient and the ophthalmologist. 

However, a number of solutions that benefit ophthalmic practice are equally important.


The advantage of being able to share imaging and video files over a network using Wi-Fi is FREY standard. Sharing examination results from one ophthalmologist’s office to another ophthalmologist for a second opinion – we have it. However, sharing ongoing examinations in real-time is something that brings an eye care practice to a higher level. Moreover, the doctor can be in one office and view images and videos taken at other locations. 

In real-time.

A unique Eyemager software enables clinicians to display and share patient images as well as live video during a clinical examination. Anytime, anywhere. Eye care professionals can use the Eyemager application on numerous devices:

Apple iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Apple macOS computers,

PC running Microsoft Windows.

Eyemager include:

  • Manage patient records (Add/Edit/Delete).
  • Review examination results.
  • Build examination reports (.pdf and DICOM formats) for printing
  • and EMR integration.
  • Export data to external applications and social media platforms
  • (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and others).

If you want to find out more, talk to one of FREY consultants:

In Europe, United States – Piotr Nowak

MENA, Sub-Continent, Far East & APAC – Lee Walker-Roberts

United States  – Alberto Rodriguez