Frey perimeters remote control.

Did you know that Frey perimeters can be easily operated from another clinic room improving Ophthalmologist and patient convenience and safety? Access patient records from your desk and reduce direct contact with patients and clinic personnel.

Social distancing, work remotely. These two passwords define our current daily life and have a real impact on private and professional reality. Being able to work at all presents as a considerable challenge, not to mention carrying out perimetry examinations in your clinic. How you can protect your patients, clinic personnel and yourself from potential infection today?

Frey makes it easy for Ophthalmologists to adapt to a changing health and work place environment. Allowing you to better manage your personal health and welfare, along with clinic personnel and patients. Especially those over 70 years or those with co-morbidity or at high risk. Frey enabling perimeter software can improve clinic workflow, improve personnel and patient safety.

 Ophthalmologists and clinic personnel can easily access patient data and records remotely from PC desktop and reduce direct contact with patients. Remotely, securely, efficiently while maintaining the required social distance.

Frey software enables remote data transfer between Frey devices. Frey perimeters are pre-installed at manufacture stage with world class software. This software is provided free of charge, and can be installed on other devices including other clinic PC’s across your clinic, Ophthalmologist office, reception, as many as you desire.

With Frey software installed on all devices, your whole team has a access to a database and perimetry examinations already performed. Now remote work becomes possible enabling prompt response to patients needs. 

All Frey devices support the new social distancing guidelines while keeping workflow at a managable level. Frey trusts this information is useful and enhances clinic work flow and safer experience for Ophthalmologists, clinic personnel and patients.

Stay health, stay safe and keep on examining.